Friendly village in the Test Valley, Hampshire, on the edge of the New Forest

Awbridge First Responders

We are unpaid volunteers trained and directed by the South Central Ambulance Service to attend serious medical emergency calls and provide basic life support until the arrival of the ambulance within Awbridge and immediate surrounding area. We carry oxygen and a defibrillator as well as other medical equipment and can be with a patient very quickly – providing emergency life support care in the critical time before the ambulance arrives. This is particularly important in rural areas such as Awbridge which can experience extended ambulance response times.

We do make a difference!


How the scheme works

A life threatening medical emergency occurs and a 999 call is made for an ambulance.

Ambulance control then assess the call and despatch an emergency ambulance – at the same time the on call First Responder is alerted by mobile phone and makes their way to the scene.

The First Responder aims to arrive within minutes and is equipped and able to assist until the arrival of the ambulance.

We are not sent to road accidents, assaults or calls where we may be at personal risk.


What do I need?

To become  a First Responder simply need……

To be over 18.

To have a caring attitude and willingness to help others.

Common sense.

A bit of spare time, we try to cover 1 shift a week in Awbridge, eg overnight or 4 hour slot during the day.

The use of a car.

To be of good character.

We are all CRB checked as we enter vulnerable people’s homes.



Marion Gray, Tel: 01794 341370, Email: