Friendly village in the Test Valley, Hampshire, on the edge of the New Forest

Awbridge Village Neighbourhood Development Plan

Awbridge Village Neighbourhood Development Plan

What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)?

1. A document that sets out planning policies for the neighbourhood area – planning policies are used to decide whether to approve planning applications.

2. Written by the local community, the people who know and love the area, rather than the Local Planning Authority.

3. A powerful tool to ensure the community gets the right types of development, in the right place.

4. Local people can create a plan that allows them to develop planning policies that reflect the priorities of their area and have real legal weight. The whole community then decides at a referendum vote whether the local authority should bring the plan into force.

Volunteers required?
Our NDP however needs volunteers to help create the vision that represents the whole community. We need volunteers that can help canvas the opinion of the village population, and complete actions. If you can give up some of your time to support the NDP then please contact either myself or Vicky (details below) to express an interest. We need to understand your skill set and how best this can be utilised to complete the NDP.

We will be posting articles and information in the ADVA Newsletter and on the ADVA and Romsey & Villages Facebook page and of course on here.

Our contact details are:-

Kerry Daley – 07824 905168 –
Vicky Maddison – 07824 905168 –

MEETINGS IN PUBLIC (committee Room at Awbridge Village Hall)
01st March 2018 at 09.30 a.m.
29th March 2018 at 09.30 a.m.