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Superfast Fibre Broadband…

…is on its way. BT open reach now have a target of connecting the Lockerley Exchange by June 2014. They will then roll out the fibre to each cabinet that runs off this exchange (including Awbridge and Newtown). so hopefully it won’t be long until we can join the 21st Century. And who knows it may even fix the dodgy phone lines between the Awbridge cabinet and Lockerley exchange and rid us of those crackly calls. Will update when BT are ready to take orders to sign up to their superfast broadband service.


  1. Good news….finally!

    • Please could you confirm the source of this information as some of it (regarding cabinet upgrades) are contrary to the investigations and discussions I’ve had with HCC myself regarding the matter. My understanding is that the cabinets serving most of Newtown and Awbridge will not be upgraded as part of the Phase 2 works. I’d be delighted if something has changed!

      • Hi Reuben, it was from Toby, Jacks dad!

        • Thanks Deon. Perhaps Toby knows something we don’t. That would be fantastic! I’ve emailed Glen Peacey at HCC who is coordinating it all for an update.

  2. Hi

    I have left a message for the Headmaster at Awbridge school over whether we are getting fibre. If anyone else could mention it to him perhaps he could be convinced to do a bit of lobbying. Can’t hurt



    • Just found out all of Hampshire schools are connected to a private fibre network – didn’t know that. I have emailed Glen Peacy for more info re Awbridge, will post any news I get.


      • A quick speed check on one of the school’s PC’s would soon confirm. I’ll give it a try when I’m next at the school.

  3. I’m afraid, it not for us!

    The Lockerley exchange has reached the trigger point for upgrade but NOT all local cabinets. Our local cabinet (number 2 near the war memorial) is excluded from the fibre connection!!

    I have emailed both BT and HCC to no avail so far.

    Perhaps a group lead by the parish council could write/email HCC?

  4. According to the open-reach website. They have now moved the Lockerley exchange fibre install back from June to September!

  5. Lockerley Exchange is now, finally, connected to Superfast Broadband (just 7 months behind original target date). Hopefully the roll out to the cabinets off the exchange will be quick and Awbridge residents can soon benefit from Fibre Broadband too.

    • Most of Awbridge is on Cabinet 2 (war memorial) and I don’t see any plan on HCC for an upgrade any time soon – latest agreed area to be upgraded (end of 2017) still do not include Awbridge.

      Anyone has better news?

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